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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Sep 2, 2020

The first woman in the construction industry from the Province of Quebec to become LEED Fellow and part of the professional green building industry for over 12 years, Josée’s journey has been an exceptional one. Among her qualities that stand out, this honour recognizes her technical proficiency, leadership, commitment and dedication to the advancement of the sustainable construction industry in Quebec as well as abroad. A founding member of the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Green Building Council, her leadership has been recognized on more than one occasion.

Recognized for cutting-edge expertise in sustainable building and LEED® certification, Josée Lupien, LEED Fellow, BD + C & ID + C, president,brings together a team of experts with incomparable know-how in environmental analysis of construction materials and in the implementation of sustainable buildings. After more than 30 years in the manufacturing industry and numerous collaborations with architects, engineers and construction contractors, in 2008, Ms. Lupien decided to invest in the green building sector by setting up the company. Vertima. Today, thanks to its experienced and specialized team, Vertima actively supports manufacturers as well as all stakeholders involved in an ecological and sustainable construction project, and particularly with regard to LEED® certification. Our greatest strength remains the quality of our services, the integrity, transparency and professionalism of our team as well as our network of loyal and trusted partners and collaborators. Our influence is achieved through our involvement and our contribution in the evolution of sustainable building for 12 years.


Show Highlights 

  • How Canada's LEED challenges, spec requirements, rating systems and adaptations differ from the U.S.?
  • Vertima, the only Canadian company that is approved as a preparer and verifier from HPD collaborative. 
  • Tips on reinventing how to work efficiently and effective in virtual meetings with these steps. 
  • Josee shares why there is a need for more qualified people in the carbon and overall wellness movements.
  • Ways to push reducing the carbon footprint in buildings and the C40 challenge. 
  • Productivity tips, why continuing education and certifications matter and how the resources from the helped Josee pass her WELL exam. 
  • WELL Health and Safety is becoming  popular but it's not just in the certifications, but the verification.

“If you believe in what you're doing and how you can change the world, go for it.  I encourage you to jump in the green building movement. Absolutely!” 


Josee Lupien Transcript


Josee Lupien’s Show Resource and Information


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