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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Aug 11, 2021

Ben Tacka is a member of the Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability (CEES) at Trane Technologies which supports the company’s strategic brands —Trane and Thermo King — and is responsible for forward-looking sustainability initiatives aimed at transitioning to more efficient and climate-friendly solutions, and minimizing resource use within company facilities. Ben serves as a market intelligence provider and trainer in linking internal sustainability initiatives to competitive product and service positioning to support the enhancement of value propositions for sales and marketing teams across all businesses. His efforts led to the release of the company’s first integrated ESG Report in 2018, and played a role in the establishment of Trane Technologies’ 2030 Sustainability Commitments, which include such targets as carbon neutral operations and the single largest industrial commitment to reduce scope 3 (product related) emissions by 1 gigaton. Ben also leads an internal ‘Design for Circularity’ council to determine the company’s role in the coming Circular Economy. Trane Technologies’ received the World Environment Center’s 2019 gold medal award for international sustainable development and is the only industrial company listed to both the World and North America Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the past 9 years. Ben holds an undergraduate degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University as well as a Sustainable Innovation MBA from the University of Vermont. Prior to working with Trane Technologies, Ben provided sustainable business development consulting support to PepsiCo in Latin America and spent many years as an entrepreneur founding and managing sales and marketing training franchises in the gulf coast region of the southern US.

Show Highlights

  • A green business owner’s freedom of flexibility in sustainability. 
  • The history of Trane Technologies and their programs to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption.
  • Being entrepreneurial and finding ways to be intrapreneurial within a team.
  • Organizations to help strengthen sustainability initiatives.
  • Tips to stand out in a large company and dive into your network to obtain your dream job. 
  • Ben’s “SWAT team of sustainability” in ESG.
  • Speak the language of sustainability and climate change with these valuable resources.
  • Benefits of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (CEES).


“I wanted to really be a part of something that would be transformational in terms of how we live our everyday lives and the global underpinnings of the global economy.”

-Ben Tacka 


Ben Tacka Transcript


Ben Tacka’s Show Resource and Information


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