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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jun 24, 2020

For over 12 years as a LEED consultant, Mr. Wenmin Zhu has dedicated himself to creating and promoting green and sustainable buildings. Through exceptional projects, leadership, education, and advocacy, he has become a prominent voice for the green building development in China.

Mr. Zhu started his green building career as an Energy Simulation Specialist with Beijing Das Daring Energy Technology Co., Ltd. back in 2007. 

As the Deputy General Manager of Das Daring from 2017 through today, Mr. Zhu has continuously led the green building consulting units of the company for over 10 years.

Mr. Zhu works directly with business leaders, universities and policymakers on issues related to LEED certification, high-performance design, net-zero building, green building policies.


Show Highlights 

  • What it's like to work with clients under mandatory regulations.
  • Conversation with Charlie Zhu, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • During Charle Zhu’s postgraduate studies, he learned and used energy pass building performance stability simulation software to analyze micro and HP systems.
  • Determined the need to pursue green building path through various projects and recognized it was the way of the future. Number of green building projects doubled that year in China
  • Charlie discusses the different green building programs like RESET
  • Charlie’s projects leave a big impact in China
  • Rejuvenation of Cities: Renovating pre-existing buildings and incorporating green building concepts to create new offices, hotels, apartments, etc. Way to jumpstart sustainability.
  • Charlie Zhu’s time management rating system for accountable productivity 

“The first thing is I think we're in a good industry. It's very new in comparison to other industries. So there are a lot of potential and opportunities in this industry. I hope that young people can join this industry and find a lot of fun and success in this industry.” 

-Charlie Zhu


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