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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Sep 21, 2022

Mohammad H Abbasi has been honing his expertise on health and wellness in the built-ecology environment. His background in architecture, sustainable design, and building sciences makes him an integral member of WSP’s built ecology group for which he specializes in design assistance, LEED and, WELL coordination, energy, daylight modeling, and material consultancy. Mohammad’s goals are to help clients achieve exceptional performance and to drive innovative ways of applying future technologies to enhance outcomes provided from a building’s architectural and engineering systems. 


He’s a Building Performance Analyst at WSP, a leading global sustainability and engineering services company with offices worldwide. Mohammad has a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Art, Tehran, and a Masters in Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He is skilled in energy modeling software like eQuest and IES as well as enclosure simulation software - WUFI and THERM. In addition to being a RESET AP, Mohammad is also a LEED AP, CPHC and a WELL AP. With knowledge in different aspects of sustainable architecture from healthy materials, air quality to energy analysis, his goal is to help architects establish an integrative design process to achieve their sustainability goals.


Show Highlights

  • The substance behind acquiring credentials to enhance technical ability, to learn the process, career placement, and client connection.
  • WSP’s impact as one of the biggest engineering companies in the world.
  • The value of teaching the services of a healthy building and not just designing a healthy space for occupants.  
  • Understanding the importance of transferring the “how” and the “why” sustainable choices are inclusive for everyone.
  • Mohammad shares managing multidisciplinary services to show the concept of office and home are changing and related.
  • Policies, projects and requirements changing the industry in every project getting built.
  • Managing career advice with your personal goals. 
  • Mohammad shares his expertise of all things healthy building.


“What I like to do the best includes having authentic engagement and communication with my clients and the people I work with. I believe sustainability is day to day problem solving and unique cases. I like to be that person problem solving in an authentic, unique way on a specific case.”

-Mohammad H Abbasi 


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