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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Mar 1, 2023



As commuting trends evolve, influenced by global events and the rising cost of fuel, the built environment needs to reflect and support these changes. Updates to planning policies and urban design can take years, resulting in old solutions for new problems. Green certifications like ActiveScore allow new standards to be implemented quickly and in sync with industry trends.


What You Will Learn:

  • You will understand what Active Travel is.

  • You will understand what ActiveScore does.

  • You will learn about the relationship between Active Travel and ESG.

  • Learn how well-designed Active Travel facilities in buildings can positively impact tenant experience.

  • You will learn about ActiveScore’s free AP Program.


This webinar can be self-reported for one half-hour of LEED or WELL continuing education.


James Nash has founded 3 companies. The first was Bike Dock Solutions in 2008 which started life as a university project.


Much of his focus currently is on ActiveScore which helps building owners and developers improve their cycling and active travel facilities. They have helped design and certify 350+ developments in Europe, US, Asia, Middle East and Australia-including 22 Bishopsgate in London, which is the largest office building in Europe. Clients include Blackstone, Brookfield, Lendlease, Invesco, Vornado Realty Trust, BentallGreenOak, GID, JLL, CBRE, Savills, Knight Frank, Colliers, Perial, AXA IM, PATRIZIA, Bruntwood, and EcoWorld. ActiveScore is recognised by GRESB as a design and/or construction green building certification scheme. He has also been an advisor to WELL Certification on all things Cycling and active travel related. For real estate sustainability/mobility consultants and architects they have an extremely popular free AP Programme with over 500 AP's from over 40 countries.

Alex Georgiadis is the Head of Consultancy at ActiveScore. He oversees all of the certification and design projects ActiveScore works on. Alex has a design background and his passion is cycling. So much so, he spent some time working as a mobile bike mechanic, servicing commercial office buildings around London. This gave him great insight into the issues cyclists regularly face when commuting. He now regularly uses this knowledge to educate building owners and improve the active travel facilities within buildings across the world.

David Reed is an entrepreneur who is passionate about solving problems with sustainable solutions. A leader in sustainable mobility, he has 13+ years of experience generating new revenue and building partnerships with and for municipalities, universities, startups, corporations, and real estate companies. He is a coalition builder and problem solver, deeply invested in colleague and client shared success. David's clients and partners have included the public, private, and non-profit sectors.



Show Highlights

  • Active Score is this intersection of transportation, sustainability and the built environment. 

  • Components and benefits of Active Travel

    • Assess and certify buildings being active travel friendly.

    • Help organizations and developments become future-proof by creating sustainable infrastructures and services. 

    • Only globally recognized accreditation for active travel amenities in real estate. 

    • Provide engagement services that set up active travel user groups within buildings. 

    • Employer retention

  • Active Score can help identify commuting trends within a region or group, connect with rating systems and ESG with their clean air calculator. 

  • LEED benchmarks and credits Active Score blends with to determine which is the best standard and certification to align. 

  • Active Score design benefits

    • Creating a more efficient and streamlined design process for both the client and the design team.

    • Build understanding of what makes a good active travel facility.

    • Design consultation and the design lab services.

  • Active Score certification can be applied to both existing and new developments.


“In terms of other benefits of Active Travel, health and wellbeing. I'm sure you are all familiar with how Active Travel can help an individual's health and wellbeing. The stat from this report that is very interesting is how 82% of people that were surveyed said they felt less stressed when they arrived in the office after cycling to work. So health and wellbeing. Active travel can have a huge impact on health and wellbeing”

-James Nash


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