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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Dec 11, 2019

About the Episode

In this episode, we talked to Green Building Professional Robert Phinney. Robert is an architect specializing in creativity and sustainability. In this episode, we talk about his journey to green building and sustainability. Robert talks about his passion for creativity and what he does at the DLR group. He also talks about his turning point after learning about sustainability and the importance of the environment in design. Stay tuned to learn more about Robert’s journey.


Key Talking Points

  1. Getting to know Robert
  2. Joining the Sustainability building and mentor
  3. Robert mentors
  4. Building a career in sustainability
  5. Robert's proudest achievements and working at DLR group
  6. Roberts secrets to success
  7. About the Sustainability/Green building movement.
  8. Defining resiliency and explaining why people fail to adopt social sustainability.
  9. Robert's specialty and words of encouragement


Key Milestones of the Episode

[00:58] Robert's career background

[04:39] Joining the sustainability architect design

[06:29] Robert mentors

[07:48] Building a career in sustainability

[11:34] Robert's proudest achievements

[13:34] Working at DLR group

[15:59] Roberts secrets to success

[20:09] About the Sustainability/Green building movement.

[24:39] Defining resiliency

[28:59] Explaining why people fail to adopt social sustainability.

[32:21] Robert's specialty

[38:13] Robert's words of encouragement


Key Quotes from the Episode

  1. “I think there's a lot of opportunities to influence large scale change here and it seemed to work out that way.”
  2. “How I can help the younger professionals coming up is that I've made all the mistakes. I've tried all the things and see what works, what doesn't work, what needed to shift.” 
  3. “You succeed most when you have failed the most.”
  4. “When you are trying to create a new process or advocate for getting design professionals, whether it’s architects, engineers, planners, interiors, folks do something a different way.”
  5. “You can't have environmental responsibility without having social and economic responsibility as well.”


Key Resources

  1. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card


Learn More about Robert Phinney

Robert was born in Northern Virginia. He had a passion for creativity. Robert pursued his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Virginia and State University of North Carolina respectively. He started his sustainability career when in his graduate program. Currently, Robert practices sustainability consultancy at the DLR group where he advocates for Green building and social sustainability adaption.



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