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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jul 11, 2018

Daniel Dreher, Founder and Principal of Tecreation, LLC, joins Charlie Cichetti. Although primarily located at New Orleans, Daniel has projects in regions as far as India. Throughout his career, he has completed multiple projects with great partners and also has been able to overcome the challenges of hurricane Katrina.

"Sustainability is a shift in consciousness. It's an evolution in our consciousness as individuals and as a collective. And when that starts to happen, other things start to follow." - Daniel Dreher

Daniel Dreher - Sustainability Consultant

Daniel's passion for sustainability traces back to his college years. He was studying Architectural Engineering at the Ohio College of Applied Science when he learned about Frank Lloyd Wright. His innovative architecture inspired him so much.


"LEED offered to really take a lot of these things that are intangible that I knew were good design principles and formalize them." - Daniel Dreher


Daniel later went to pursue a business degree. In 1986, he returned to Phoenix for his practice. By 2009, he became a LEED AP. The Boulders Resort is among the notable projects he completed with his partners.

Hurricane Katrina Experience

In 2004, he had another project. It was the renovation of the student campus of Tulane University.

2005 came and they were right in the middle of the project when Katrina swept over the US. Nonetheless, they completed it in 2006 and was awarded LEED Silver certification at this building.

Inspiring Mentors and Partners

Daniel sends his thanks to his mentors. Some of which he never got to meet in person, like Frank Lloyd Wright. He also learned a lot from his partners in the field.

Among them are Allen Eskew and Ray Manning, with whom he had the privilege of completing great projects, namely, the IMAX Theater Aquarium, some of Xavier University, and an art village.

To hear more of Daniel’s sustainability success story, download and listen to the episode!


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