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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Mar 7, 2018

Trace Blackmore is an expert in energy savings through better water treatment. His career is rooted in educating his clients so they better understand the full impact of water treatment and the real value of efficient water treatment.


“Water treatment is one of the most the building world.” - Trace Blackmore

Trace Blackmore - Defining Water Treatment

Defining and explaining water treatment is not always easy. Most people in his industry do a very poor job of explaining it. Trace tries to make a career of educating his customers to know enough to hold me accountable so then they see the value of water treatment.


If you get water savings, you’re going to get energy savings.” - Trace Blackmore


He explains it as a four-legged stool with water treatment sitting on top. The four legs represent the four things you have to do completely to have a sound water treatment program. Those are control of corrosion, scaling, microbial fouling and general debris.

Energy Savings with Water Treatment

Most people don’t realize how much water is used with their heating and cooling equipment and how much energy is used with that. Most people tend to focus on how much they pay for water treatment service but not how much they are spending running all the equipment that takes that water service.


Leed version 4 now rewards you 3 points if you are really doing a better job with your cooling towers and water treatment. Charlie challenges you to ask better questions of your HVAC installers those that are servicing your buildings.

Green Movement Steward

As a person that lives on this planet, you have to respect the finite amount of resources. Whether you are good steward of the planet or you just want to be more frugal, you have to buy less energy and water.


For Trace, that pairs so well with water treatment. He thinks water treatment was the original green movement before there was ever a green movement. Water by far is the best heat transfer medium out there and there is only so much water readily available to us.


As a water treater Trace has a huge impact and so much he can do to protect this valuable resource and make sure we are using it the way we should.


To hear more about how Trace is changing the way water treatment can positively affect the environment,, download and listen to the episode!


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